Thursday, September 6, 2012

She Can See The Colors

I find women often have more color sense than their male counterparts. One possible reason is that about 8% of men have a color deficiency. Our powers of color vision come from three types of cones in our eyes that are triggered by various wavelengths of light. Our brains combine the signals to produce the sensation of color. The vast majorities of us are trichromatic and can see close to a million different shades of color. We can perceive an incredible array of hues like Cerulean, periwinkle, or malachite.

Research shows there are some women with the potential for SUPER COLOR VISION. There are people living among us called tetrachromatics, who see possibly a hundred million shades that are way beyond our imaginations! Imagine seeing subtle shadings and hues that don’t even have names.

Many artists and designers have the gift of enhanced color perception. I am a fan of Aimee Stewart, an amazing artist who explores the realm of mystery and magical places. She surely must be a latent tetrachromat who can see vast color hues and can transfer this rare vision to her canvases.

How many hues can you see in this wonderful Denver sunset?

Picture credits: Dick Gentry, Aimee Stewart at, Arts on Earth.

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