Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Designers pick 2013 colors

I asked Wesco Fabrics’ customers for their 2013 color trends. Designer, style maven, and blogger, Jane Gianarelli, of Snob Interior Design, Colorado Springs, Colorado, peeks into her crystal ball and sees yellow greens as an important future direction. Pantone’s “Tender Shoots” for Spring 2013, echoes Jane’s forecast. Her mood board includes our patterns (Top-To-Bottom) Eastwood, color Mineral, Fun and Frolic, color Spring Green, and Madagascar, color Tropics. This is a great look!

Bonnie Martel of Martel Interiors in Upland, California, is one of Southern California’s finest designers! She created six creative palettes that will definitely form the foundation for her 2013 design projects.

Lynne Bier of Home on the Range in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has worked on many multi-million dollar residences throughout the West. She sees the colors of the American Southwest, denims, leathers, and the cowboy lifestyle being important 2013 color and design influences. Pantone’s “Rugged Individuals” 2013 palette show similar trending.

Lynne predicts denim & indigo blues for next year such as Wesco Fabrics’ pattern Laredo Stripe, color Navajo.

“Rugged Individualism” with Rocky Mountain style.

Interior & window covering designer extraordinaire, Ed Parent, of Boulder, Colorado, took an iPhone image of a current project that our Custom Workroom will work on.  “This is a beautiful & bold look, Ed!”

Holly Emrick of Apropos Design in Dillon, Colorado, sees ocean blues and teals on her color horizon. She loves deeply saturated royal purple and will use poppy orange in the New Year.

Images: Wesco Fabrics, Pantone, Snob Interior Design, Home on the Range, Martel Interiors

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  1. Great post and I agree with everyones predictions! So fun to see exciting changes in color and direction for the New Year. Thank you for the collaborative color picks!

    Jane Gianarelli