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poster, dallas museum
The Dallas Museum of Art’s newest show, “Posters of Paris, Toulouse-Lautrec and his Contemporaries,” is a scintillating exhibit of vintage poster art. Anyone interested in early advertising and creative visual art would love it! I knew I had to see it!

19th century, french, museum
Famous masters of 19th century French advertising posters were represented. “L’Affiche”, or notices posted in public places, were the main advertising of the day. Images for bicycles, beverages, cabarets, night club performers and train travel were favorites.  The top period for poster advertising started around 1870 and continued through the early 20th century.

poster, men, artist, jules cheret
The most prolific creative poster artist of the period was Jules Cheret. He is shown next to the diminutive in height but not in creativity, Toulouse-Lautrec. Lautrec died at 36, but in his short lifespan he created some of the most cherished and collectable posters. Cheret discovered that his images not only had to show products, but were most effective if they produced emotions.

wall of posters, 19th century, walls, L'Affichomania
Poster advertising was plastered on most of the commercial buildings in Paris in the 19th century. Posters were so popular that collectors would pull them off walls and even pay workers for them before they were put up. This poster craze was called L’Affichomania.

posters, plastered buildings
Paris city government was so concerned with all the posters plastered on buildings that they put “no poster” signs on certain buildings. I took this picture on a recent Paris visit. It says “Defense D”Afficher Loi Du 29 Juillet 1881.”

vintage, poster, french textile exhibition in 1910, Librairie Elbe, Boulevard Saint Germain
The very first vintage poster we purchased was from “Librairie Elbe”on the Boulevard Saint Germain. The poster advertised a French textile exhibition in 1910.

wesco fabrics, fabrics, denver, posters, antique market
We used to sell vintage posters in our Wesco Fabrics’ showroom at the Denver Design District. I sourced our posters at antique markets throughout France.

1930's, Geo Francois, travel poster, poster, Evian Le Bains, vintage posters
Our daughters love their vintage posters. On the wall is a travel poster, “Evian Le Bains”, by Geo Francois in the 1930’s.

Kina Lillet, Robys, antique posters
Our daughter Lisa loves antique posters! This large work is “Kina Lillet” by Robys in 1937.

delval, 1929, posters, cognac, Jacquet by Bouchet, Fap'Anis by Delval, wesco fabrics
Marla and I have so many favorites from past sales. We both loved the colorful peacock in “Cognac Jacquet” by Bouchet in 1910, as well as “Fap’Anis” by Delval in 1920, which we once sold at Wesco Fabrics’ showroom.

Images: Dick Gentry, Dallas Museum of Art

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