Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rock the Kasbah

It is easy to become lost in the “Kasbah of Oudaias”, Rabat’s beautiful ancient fortress.  Built in 1170, it was once used as a launching pad for attacks on Spain.  The blue walls and incredible doors are truly remarkable.

Blue washed walls.

What lies within these mysterious walled compounds? The Clash’s, “Rock the Casbah”, played in my head as we explored this wonderful city.

I loved all the amazing doors in the Kasbah! The brass insect on this old studded door gave it a very personalized touch.

This intensely colored blue door was a favorite!

Beautifully crafted stone door surrounds on a small lane.

We marveled at ancient tiles and beautiful doors of an important residence in the old Kasbah.

The Bou Regreg river divides Rabat’s ancient Kasbah and it’s neighbor Sale’.  Corsair pirates used Rabat as a base of operations for centuries.

In the old Medina, we stopped to look at a furniture workshop using traditional inlay techniques. On the left is a typical style Moroccan wood framed sofa.

Iridescent silk threads come alive in this shop in the Medina.

Soldiers on horseback guard the entrances to the Hassan II Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.

Marla and I were entranced with the solemn beauty of the Mohammed V Mausoleum and the domed ceiling.

Two soldiers in traditional dress uniforms guard the interior of the Mausoleum.  Magnificent Moroccan Zellij tiles grace the walls with grandeur.

***Next week it is on to incredible Marrakech.

***YouTube of Bing Crosby & Bob Hope…”The road to Morocco.”

Image credits: All images by Dick Gentry

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  1. How fabulous!! Morocco is most definitely on my bucket list. And love that you included the Crosby and Hope escapade!