Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rocky Mountain Majesty

Marla and I loved visiting the Denver Polo Club home of a good friend who collected wonderful paintings depicting mountain scenes from the Colorado Rockies. The artist was Charles Partridge Adams who traveled by horseback, stagecoaches, and steam trains, to find the best places to paint during the later part of the 19th century.  I was drawn to these rugged high-country landscapes with their misty snow capped peaks painted in impressionistic style.  When our friend decided to move his design business to North Carolina, we were sad to see him go, as well as his paintings of our beautiful state.

The Denver Art Museum is currently holding a first ever exhibit of 33 Charles Partridge Adams’ greatest masterworks. Adams wrote in his memoir: “I saw the Rocky Mountains as I had dreamed of them before I came West. Towering above a great valley filled with afternoon mists, their summits glistening with the pure white of winter snows. They formed an entrancing sight that I can never forget.”

Charles Partridge Adams and his friend Alexander Phimster Proctor on a sketching and hunting trip in the Rockies in early 1880.

I love the artist’s depiction of the sunrise on the high peaks using a stunning understanding of light. The museum exhibit runs through September 8, 2013.

***If you are in town for the exhibit please call and we can meet you at our warehouse and custom workroom at 4001 Forest Street, or our showroom at the Denver Design District.

Images: Courtesy of the Denver Art Museum, Steve Proctor.

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