Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trend Report Heimtextil Trends 2013 BEING

I don’t want you to think I have a big head, but the 2013-14 Trend exhibit at this year’s Heimtextil was the very best I’ve seen after over 30 trips to the world’s largest textile fair!

An international group of creative trend forecasters presented BEING, reflecting the spirit of 2013 as they relate to today’s complex lifestyles of contemporary consumers. BEING showcased current trend themes using four representative personalities, each with his or her own hopes, desires, aspirations and ideas: The Historian, the Eccentric, the Inventor and the Geologist. As you peruse this blog, where do you and your clients fit?

Marla felt the Eccentric area was a good place to start our tour. Was she making a less than subtle reference to me?

The Eccentric are hunter, collectors and gatherers: free-spirited individuals with a preference for the decorative and outspoken. They have a passion for the decorative arts, the unique, “one-offs”, creating a contemporary cabinet of curiosities. They scavenge the globe for the iconic and extraordinary, aware of the cultural context and origin of the treasures from their travel.

The Inventor is a free thinker and experimenter looking for solutions to make life more fulfilling and exciting.  Think, “Function meets fun.” These people love trying new things out and combining the unexpected.

The Historian treasures the past and seeks ways to make history part of their contemporary life. They relish the historical richness of noble products made with supreme craftsmanship and artisanship with an aristocratic élan.  The palette is muted but reveals a pale pearlescence, mysterious dark hues and shimmering bronze, copper and gold polished by time.

The Geologists explores deep for raw and unexpected beauty.  Nature’s imperfections are appreciated and sought after in design. Crystals, uneven textures, leather, intense colorations and metallic sparks reflect the dark side of nature. They want natural style in their environments, but want to know where it came from and what the social impact is.

I love this room in the Eccentric pavilion with the upholstered giraffe proudly holding center stage!

This display was artfully created in the back of a truck! Very clever!

I liked all of the themes but the Eccentric display area fascinated me the most.  Some of the plates on the wall turned like in a strange dream. Mesmerizing!

Do creative people dress differently? I must say that Anne Marie Commandeur, the Being exhibit’s creative director, is very interesting! Love how the blue Nikes work with her outfit! She put on a fabulous trend exhibit this year!

***YouTube on the trend exhibit from Home Textiles Today.

***Video on BEING 2013/2104

Images: Dick Gentry

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