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Designers are in love with Ikats! Scan any design magazine today and you will find Ikat inspired fabrics used beautifully at the window, bed, or on furniture. They are definitely HOT!
True woven Ikats are ethnic textiles woven with resist dyed warps. “Ikat” comes from an Indonesian or Malay word “mengikat”, “to tie.” Warp yarns are wrapped with bindings which resist color when dyed. The bindings are then removed and carefully set up on the loom for the desired design. Most of the designs you see today are Ikat inspired prints.

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This is a sneak peek at Ikat inspired prints and wovens in the Wesco Fabrics June launch.  They are really colorful and unique. I can’t wait till you see them in person!

ikat, ikats, fabric, fabrics, indonesia, japan, india 
I fell in love with Ikats while visiting Tenganan, an Aga village in eastern Bali.  A rare type of double Ikat, with tie dyed warps and wefts, are still woven here, and are highly prized by collectors. Only three countries produce double Ikats; Indonesia, Japan and India.  Tenganan village also produces amazingly intricate woven baskets.

tenganan village, ikat, ikats, fabric, fabrics
The Indonesian island of Sumba is famous for hand woven Ikats.

hand woven, ikat, ikats, fabrics
An Ikat takes shape on a loom in northern Thailand.

ikat, ikats, fabrics
silk scarves, ikats, fabrics
Hand weavers in northeast Thailand are famous for making beautiful silk fabrics in Ikat and plain weave constructions.

Marla and I visit Thailand almost every year to source furniture and accessories for our Wesco Fabrics showroom in Denver.  We always look for silk scarves to sell as well. Check out the assortment at this supplier!

***YouTube of ikat weaving in Thailand.

Image credits: Dick Gentry, Katie Denham Interiors, Designboom, Aragorn.

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