Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let the Party Begin

festive, tchotchke, Lennox Hill Neighborhood House, Nicole Gibbons
A festive table setting can really make an evening very special! Whether a large event or an intimate dinner for two, a little creativity can totally transform something ho-hum into spectacular! Create your theme and colors, pull out some beautiful fabrics, bring the flowers, grab a favorite collectable or a tchotchke or two,….and “voila!” “Let the party begin!”  The dining tables at New York City’s “Lennox Hill Neighborhood House” benefit gala are incredible!

Indo-Asian, fantasy, Buddha, LCH Interiors
An Indo-Asian fantasy.

azure blue, white ceramic, sculpture, Bruce Shostak
Love the azure blue fabric on the table and the white ceramic sculptures.

flower, Len Hill Olson, green
A whole lot of “WOW!”

colorful, paper lanterns, dramatic, Burak and Devine
The colorful paper lanterns are very dramatic.

indigo, blue hued, fabric, Christopher Spitzmiller
Deep, indigo blue hued fabrics create a unique look.

fabric, chairs, draped, elegant Roric Tobin
Draped fabric chairs create a very elegant style.

David Duncan, balloon
“Up, up and away!”

Wrapped, personalized party favors create quite an event signature. It can be anything from movie tickets, chocolates, a silk scarf, or….?

Design credits top to bottom: Nicole Gibbons, LCH Interiors, Bruce Shostak Style, Len Hill Olson, Burak and Devine, Christopher Spitzmiller, Roric Tobin, David Duncan

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