Thursday, May 16, 2013

F Scott Fitzgerald in Antibes

Villa Picolette, Antibes, F Scott Fitzgerald
“Villa Picolette” in Antibes is for sale for $35.5 million! This jewel on the French Riviera was rented by F. Scott Fitzgerald between 1922-24 and where he began the creation of his 4th and finest novel, Tender is the Night.

Zelda Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Long Island, World War II
Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald in Antibes in 1926. This was a crazy time of creativity, partying and too much booze!  The Great Gatsby, inspired by Long Island north shore parties and finished in France, did not achieve success until revival during World War II after Fitzgerald’s 1940 death.

book, Tender is the Night
The book cover for Tender is the Night shows “Villa Picolette” through the pines on a beautiful bay in Antibes.

Gerald and Sara Murphy, Nicole and Dick Diver, La Garoupe
Glamorous and wealthy American expats, Gerald and Sara Murphy, were an inspiration for “Nicole and Dick Diver” in the novel. The Murphy’s golden circle of friends included the Fitzgeralds, Picasso, Stravinsky, Ernest Hemingway, and nearly all the famous creatives of the period. They loved gathering at Antibes’s La Garoupe, their private playground in the sun. Gerald loved “going “native” in a striped jersey, espadrilles, and knitted fisherman’s cap.

living room, Villa Picolette
What a beautiful living room at “Villa Picolette.” Location, location, location, with views and history as a bonus!

dining room, martini
You can imagine F. Scott and Zelda having martinis in this dining room. He was a severe alcoholic at the time and Zelda was spiraling with mental illness. Hemingway told her she was “crazy.” Zelda was hospitalized for schizophrenia in 1932.

bedroom, villa
A bedroom in the villa. 

Have you seen any version of The Great Gatsby, and what do you think of the most recent adaptation?

***Youtube video of “Villa Picolette.”

***Great Youtube video (Part 1 of 5 available) about the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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