Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Nurturing Home

Xorin Balbes, Soul Space, nurture, Japanese chest, Buddha, jade, Burma
Designer Xorin Balbes’s book, Soul Space, presents a guide to transforming our homes and our lives.  You know the buzz meter is high when Oprah starts to talk about him.  Xorin believes “making your home a nurturing reflection of your inner self is not only possible for anyone, it’s imperative.” His thoughts resonate with me, especially how our homes can actually “take care” of us as we cross the threshold away from our usual clamorous world and often frantic lives.  In our revved-up and demanding culture, Balbes says “our homes are our greatest possibility of support.”
His 8 step guide includes: 1. Access, 2. Release, 3. Cleanse, 4. Dream, 5. Discover, 6. Create, 7. Elevate, 8. Celebrate.

I took the plunge by looking at my own home, first by taking an “accessing” inventory of what I love and what is just taking up space. I moved next to the “release” phase. Balbes says to “let go of anything that is collecting dust.” Here is where I totally fail! EVERYTHING I love is gathering dust! I love my stuff, whether little mementoes of travels or favorite tchotchkes. I just can’t edit, “Sorry Mr. Balbes!” 

Though I may have failed this 8 step program I agree totally with the concept of our home nurturing and healing us.  Number 9 on my list is to find the dust rag!

***Xorin Balbes talks about Soul Space as a guide to transforming our homes and our lives.

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