Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Fabrics from Wesco Fabrics

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We are very excited about new fabrics just hitting the market from Wesco Fabrics! We attended the best textile markets around the world and the United States sourcing gorgeous fabrics that interior designers will love. Our new Gentry Collection sample book, Top Notch, contains a stunning array of woven patterns and prints. Sample books are available now, all our showrooms are sampled, and everything is in stock!

color, carnival, fire
Designers love our color books for the selection and coordination of hues which make it easier when searching for the perfect color. The patterns and colors in our Color Carnival books are gorgeous.  The “Fire” book is getting the most raves!

Morocco, linen, print, color palette
Pattern Morocco is an updated traditional linen blend print with an exciting color palette.

glee, euphoria, ambrosia, fabric
Favorite national exclusives from our new Top Notch collection: Glee, My Euphoria and Sweet Ambrosia are color coordinated.

Salvatore, texture, hand woven, fabric
Salvatore is a blockbuster texture with the look of a hand-woven and has 30 amazing colors!

silk, jacquard, luxurious, fabric
Finer Things is a showstopper jacquard with 12% silk for a luxurious look.

arboretum, mid-century, citron, gray fabric
Arboretum recreates the look of a mid-century modern design with colors citron and light gray.

refreshment, linen, paisley, fabric
Refreshment is a linen blend small-scale paisley print in a cool color assortment.

stripe, fabric, casement, drapes, casual
Casual Stripe brings back the look of popular casements, but is updated with today's colors.  It has a soft hand and drapes really well for a casual look.

Asian, garden, fabric
Asian Garden is simply fabulous!

Corvallis, fabric chenille
Corvallis features horizontal pops of colored chenille yarns.

fun, jacquard, fabric, grill design
Absolutely Fun is a jacquard woven grill design at a value price point.

silk, jacquard, woven, fabric
A very nice new exclusive this season is Puttin’ on the Ritz. It is jacquard woven and features 10% silk.

pay day, fabric, woven, all purpose
Pay Day is a great multi-colored all-purpose woven in 10 super colorways.

Diamond Head, jacquard, silk, diamond, fabric
Diamond Head is a jacquard woven silk blend in a diamond modern motif.

USA, printed fabrics, woven, United States
Many designers love our new fabrics woven and printed in the United States. It is wonderful to see more U.S. fabrics on the market.

printed combed cotton, Ikat, fabric, Suzani motif
Center Spot is a printed combed cotton Ikat design with Suzani motifs. Very colorful!

Dick Gentry, fabric, interior design, fabric
It always feels great to finish a new collection that excites interior designers around the country. We hope you love our new patterns as much as we do!

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