Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wonderful Architecture with Wood

Wild Reindeer Pavilion, Hjerkinn, Dovre, Norway, wood
Wonderfully created organic shaped wooden seating in the Wild Reindeer Pavilion at Hjerkinn in Dovre, Norway.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Big Bambu, bamboo
The Metropolitan Museum of Art presented “Big Bambu” art installation on their rooftop.  Bamboo poles were lashed together for this walkable exhibit structure.

Estudio Nomada, trees, A Cantina, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Architect Estudio Nomada created fanciful trees in the interior of “A Cantina” in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Melbourne, March Studio, Baker D. Chirico
Melbourne's March Studio created the wooden interior for "Baker D. Chirico."

Starbucks, Kengo Kuma, Fukuoka, Japan
Starbucks commissioned Kengo Kuma for a store in Fukuoka, Japan.

Brent Norsman, Coffee Streets, Chicago
Brent Norsman designed the beautiful “Coffee Streets” in Chicago.

Paris, boutique, Aesop, Australia, Rodney Eggleston, March Studio
For their newest Paris boutique, Australian skin care company, Aesop, used architect Rodney Eggleston from Melbourne’s March Studio.

Hermes, Art Deco, Paris, Saint Germain, Denis Montel
High fashion retailer, Hermes, redeveloped a former Art Deco swimming pool in the Paris Saint Germain neighborhood for their latest store. The architect was Denis Montel.

exotic wood, Wesco Fabrics, Thailand, Bali, repurposed wood
exotic wood, Wesco Fabrics, Thailand, Bali, repurposed wood
In our search for unusual and exotic wood pieces for Wesco Fabrics, we find the most surprising suppliers in Thailand and Bali. You would be amazed at the beautiful lamps, tables and sculpture we have created from repurposed old wood.

Dallas, design, twig mirror, lamp, cocktail table, Wesco
Wesco, cocktail table, sculpture, peanut grinder
A Dallas designer fell in love with our Wesco Fabrics’ lamps, twig mirror, cocktail table and sculpture made from an old teak peanut grinder.

***Great YouTube video of the new Hermes store on the Rue de Sevres. Magical architecture!

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