Thursday, July 18, 2013

A New Way Of Looking At Things

Todd Mclellan, Things Come Apart, photograph, components
Photographer Todd Mclellan’s new book, Things Come Apart, deconstructs manufactured objects he has collected over the years, lays out all the components, and photographs them. The results are amazing and reminded me of when I used to take apart old radios when I was a kid. Todd’s photographs give a rare dignity to mundane objects of the past.

Todd Mclellan, Raleigh Bicycle, 1980
A 1980 Raleigh Bicycle.

Todd Mclellan, Smith Corona, typewriter, 1960
1960 Smith Corona typewriter.

Todd Mclellan, Wesco Fabrics, Dick Gentry, fabric, custom window coverings
The book prompted me to look at the things we do at Wesco Fabrics in a new way as a visual construct. Our business, whether providing cut yardage or custom window coverings to interior designers, begins with the FABRIC!

Mandalay, fabric, Top Notch, interior design, embroidery
New this season is Mandalay, color Festival, an exciting embroidery from the Gentry Collection “Top Notch” book.

Wesco Fabrics, thread, custom drapery, artisan, hands
A sea of thread colors.

custom workroom, artisan, Wesco Fabrics
custom workroom, artisan hands, Wesco Fabrics
custom workroom, artisan hands, Wesco Fabrics
The expert hands of our custom workroom artisans.

draperies, Wesco Fabrics, fan fold, designers
Beautiful custom window coverings are inspected, expertly fan-folded and packaged for designers around the country. From many pieces and fabrication processes something amazing and beautiful is constructed.

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