Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Matches and Memories

To light a candle on the deck for dinner Marla brought out a giant bag of old matchbooks. I pulled a few out and realized I hadn’t seen them for what looked like another century and in most cases it was! I couldn’t believe all the memories saved in that bag! Many years ago I designed this matchbox to look like the blue silk draperies in my mother-in-law’s office, her favorite color. This was a time when many people smoked. Things really have changed haven’t they?

The matchbox from the Royal Pita Maha Resort in Kedawetan, Bali, is a favorite bringing back wonderful memories! Bali holds a special place in our heart! Most Indonesians still smoke today.

The path to the Healing Pool Villas at the Royal Pita Maha.

The matches from San Francisco’s Fleur de Lys restaurant bring memories of special occasion dinners over the years.

“Now that is a dessert!”

On my first trip to Chiang Mai Thailand to buy furniture and accessories for Wesco Fabrics, I had to find a good Italian restaurant.  We go to Piccola Roma every trip.

Chef Angelo greets her Majesty of Thailand, Queen Sirikit, at his restaurant.

Mel’s Bar and Grill was a Denver favorite of ours for years. We loved the casual bistro style and casual vibe! We were so sad when it closed.

The Mel’s scene.

We stayed at Brenner’s Park Hotel in Baden Baden before a Heimtextil fabric fair in Germany. Sitting across from us at dinner was a young well dressed Russian family drinking Chateau Mouton Rothschild like it was water! This was our first exposure to heavy spending oligarch tourists!

The historic hotel sits next to a beautiful park in Germany’s wealthiest city.

Way, way back in the day, we would try to find the coolest dance clubs when traveling. “The City” in San Francisco was a wild disco scene with the DJ sitting at the top of a 12’ jukebox player. It was crazy mix of straights and gays dancing under giant mirror balls.

Fabric suppliers used to really wine and dine us while on buying trips in New York. The iconic Four Seasons Restaurant still exists with it’s beautiful modern interiors designed by architects Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson.

The restaurant almost coined the phrase, “Power lunch.”

On our first visit to Capri we stumbled upon the Villa Verde restaurant on a narrow lane. The matchbox brought back a rush of memories of the lunch on that steamy hot day.

Capri is definitely on my very favorite list of unique and incredible destinations!

For a time in Denver the Chateau Pyrenees was the go-to restaurant for special occasions. They printed your name on the matchbooks placed at your table. We loved the old style romantic ambiance of the grand interiors and still miss it!

***If you ever wore platforms and bellbottoms under a giant mirror disco ball,….or wanted to,… then check out this YouTube of Sylvester’s “You make me feel (mighty real)” , a group that played at The City in San Francisco back in those dazed disco days.

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