Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Slow down and smell the Flowers

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My life used to be a blur. I was very hyper, always in a hurry, racing from one place to the next.  Maybe it was my competitive spirit trying to prove myself in sports, business, or even at home.   It probably started in my early running days in high school and college, and definitely continued as cycling became important to me. I wanted to finish first in everything! I am sure I often drove my wife, work associates and kids a bit crazy at times. 

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I knew I needed a big dose of positive enlightenment! I began a process of slowing down. Of course age factors big time in the equation, but I’m finding life is definitely sweeter in the slow lane! It was like an epiphany of self-realization. It feels good! Life is less of a blur. Colors seem richer and more enhanced. I am actually smelling the flowers.

cycling, Italy, hill towns, Tuscan buildings
I still love cycling, but I don’t need to hammer the hills or chase down a distant rider as in the past. I hated being passed. The routes take much longer as I am always stopping to take pictures. I can actually see the paint peeling from buildings.

Italian village, flowers, Dick Gentry, Wesco Fabrics
It is OK to get lost as there are always beautiful discoveries around distant unknown corners.

racing, Jenner, California, Marla Gentry
Racing from point A to point B is not as fun as just going and taking in all the sights, sounds and essence of place. This road sign points to the little town of Jenner, a special destination when Marla and I were dating.

Dick Gentry, smell flowers, Italy, France
I have trained myself to be in the moment.

flowers, slow down, evolve, Dick Gentry
Many of you have come to this experiential realization years ago, and others are evolving like I am.  I really love slowing down and smelling the flowers.

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