Thursday, July 11, 2013

The magical mystery art of Nick Cave

Denver Art Museum, Nick Cave, sojourn, Chicago
The Denver Art Museum is hosting the incredible “Sojourn” exhibit by the enigmatic Chicago based artist, Nick Cave. His work is a phantasmagorical intersection of craft, fine art and performance. His creations tell a story of dreams and symbolism which are amazing to behold.  

sound suit, buttons, beads, metallic braid, Nick Cave
Nick Cave's team of artisans fabricated "Sound Suits" of buttons, beads and metallic braids.

sound suit, dance, Denver Art Museum
Videos in the exhibit include dance performances in the “Sound Suits.”

buttons, black, scrim, Nick Cave
Cave’s team attached thousands of buttons on black scrim walls.

disc, beads, metal, stars
The black disc on the back wall is made from thousands of beads and metallic materials. It represents the stars he saw as a young boy lying on the grass.

Nick Cave, decorate, art
Cave shows off a heavily decorated wall at the show.

modern art, Nick Cave, beads
This may be a little difficult to sit on comfortably but it’s definitely interesting!

decorate, fantasy, modern art, Nick Cave
Decorated fantasy figure.

performance art, magic, Nick Cave, sound suit
A performance artist creates special magic in a Nick Cave “Sound Suit.”

dance, raffia, kinetic, performance art
Made from colored raffia, this produces a kinetic whirl during a performance.

textile, art, contemporary art, Denver Art Museum
Lovers of textile craft will appreciate the workmanship and execution on each piece. I am not an aficionado of contemporary art, but I left the Denver Art Museum wanting to see more!

***A very must see video of the amazing Nick Cave exhibit at the Denver Museum of art.

***Really nice “PBS News Hour” piece on the creative process of Nick Cave.

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