Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eat your Vegetables

health, farmer's market, Boulder, farms
We have been on a mission to eat healthier and there is no better place to find great locally produced products than at a farmer’s market. On Saturday we drove to Boulder for their wonderful farmer’s market. The area around Boulder and Longmont have a number of small farms, and many set up tents to sell fresh-picked produce.

Boulder, college, dreadlocks, Rastafarians, cooking
The street was jammed with an eclectic Boulder assortment of really healthy looking people (a definite Boulder thing!), college kids, dreadlocked would-be Rastafarians, and just folks like us looking for good things to cook. Marla is a fabulous chef so our shopping is truly farm-to-table.  We go out of our way to support small businesses because as owners of Wesco Fabrics we understand what they go through!

zucchini flowers, zucchini, Boulder
I was hoping to find zucchini flowers, and luckily we found them!

peaches, Palisade, Colorado
There is nothing better than Palisade peaches when they are in season!

peaches, cream, corn
The “Peaches and Cream” corn looked fabulous!

cheese, wine, bread, pastry, musicians
A beautiful Colorado summer day brought out the people.  There were stands selling local cheese, Colorado wines, beef, breads and pastries, prepared foods, and a stage for musicians to perform.

yellow tomatoes, farmer's market
Ah….yellow tomatoes.

carrots, farmer's market, Boulder, Colorado
Carrot season is here!

food stall, Boulder, farmer's market, Boulder
Though there were many healthy choices for lunch, I broke down and ordered a maple bourbon barbequed beef brisket sandwich. It was dee lish!

flowers, flower stand, sunflowers, gladiola
flowers, flower stand, sunflowers, gladiola
It was difficult to pass on all the flower stands but we just couldn’t carry any more!

stuffed zucchini flowers, Mario Batali, Boulder
Marla received a standing “O” from me with her fried stuffed zucchini flowers inspired by a Mario Batali recipe and her own flourishes. It was amazing!
I can’t wait for another trip to Boulder!

***This is a MUST see YouTube video of the market by The Boulder Daily Camera!

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