Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shopping for the Wesco Fabrics Showroom

furniture, accessory, Wesco Fabrics, Denver
Marla and I just returned from a furniture and accessory buying trip for our Wesco Fabrics’ Denver Design District showroom. Designers and their clients are happily surprised to find our showroom is much more than beautiful decorative fabrics and window coverings! These are a few of our shopping highlights arriving soon.

C.R. Laine, Bradington Young, furniture, blue table
We sell furniture from around world as well as C.R. Laine and Bradington-Young custom furniture.  I was drawn to this gorgeous blue table!

rustic, table, repurpose, steel
We purchased a number of repurposed rustic tables with steel bases in dining and bar heights.

19th century, Shanxi, cabinet, red
Great original pieces like this 19th century Shanxi cabinet are getting harder to find. This will retail for $2495.

green, console, table, Marla Gentry
Marla loves the green finish on this console!

painted finish, sand, vintage, cabinet, Chinese
Though painted finishes are very important at the moment, sanded pieces like this vintage cabinet are popular as well.

blue, turquoise, cabinet, Wesco Fabrics
Blue is huge! I love this turquoise piece!

rustic, light green, cabinet, furniture
The rustic light green finish is fantastic.

rustic, blue, cabinet
The last time we brought a cabinet in this finish to the showroom it sold in the first hour!

stone, disc, accent, blue, red
These stone discs will make an interesting accent.

furniture, throws, Wesco Fabrics
We love furniture throws for fall!

designer, handbag, jewelry, fashion, Wesco Fabrics
Designers and their clients can even buy handbags and jewelry!

Dick Gentry, furniture, Wesco Fabrics
I definitely love to shop!

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