Friday, August 23, 2013

The Art of Observation

Sherlock Holmes, Jonny Lee Miller, Elementary, Alexandra Horowitz, baby
The modern day Sherlock Holmes, played brilliantly by Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary, has an uncanny sense of observation and mindfulness. He can see what others cannot. Alexandra Horowitz in her book, On Looking, Eleven Walks With Expert Eyes, points out “Right now, you are missing the vast majority of what is happening around you. You are missing the events unfolding in your body, in the distance, and right in front of you.” Join me as I zoom in on visual and emotional details touching my fancy. I love the baby’s sense of wonderment and awe.

hand weaving, silk, Wesco Fabrics
When I look at this, I see the artistry of the hand-weaver. Henna Plaid, color Aquamarine, is a silk creation in the new Wesco Fabrics’ 2013 fall collection.

Carcassonne, France, Roman, Visigoth, Saracent, Crusaiders
I was not prepared for the majestic beauty of Carcassonne, the fortified town in south-western France. It has 2500 years of history, first by the Romans, the Visigoths, Saracens and Crusaders.

grandmother, grandson, contentment

Star of David, 18th century, Kasbah, Essaouira, Morocco
You have to look closely to see the “Star of David” over this 18th century door in the Kasbah of Essaouira. There are less than 5000 Jews left in Morocco and almost all are gone from Essaouira.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, storefront, inventory
This woman runs a storefront restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her business is not much different than ours at Wesco Fabrics. She must coordinate supply, manage inventory, offer items her customer’s desire, and provide quality and service.

Balinese, Poleng cloth, black and white, balance, good and evil
The Balinese statue covered in a black and white checked “Poleng” cloth, signifies the mutual dualism of good and evil, and the opposites that depend on one another. The cloth symbolizes the balance necessary for a peaceful life.


crewel, hook embroidery, India
A close look reveals the detailed crewel work, or hook embroidery, on a new Wesco Fabric exclusive from India, Quintessence, color Night.

orchid, flowers
Beautiful singularity.

fort, Jaipur
A reconstructed wall at a fort near Jaipur, visually fired my imagination.

boys, rain
Improvisation in the rain.

metalwork,Beijing, Forbidden City, door
I saw the wonder of the artisan in this amazing metal work on a door in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Marla saw a story.

artisan, Wesco Fabrics, custom workroom
The hands of an artisan in the Wesco Fabrics' custom workroom say many things.

plaque, remembrance, Paris, sacrifice
The plaques of remembrance throughout Paris read like a history lesson on sacrifice and triumph.

sculpture, Kedewatan, Bali
Unexpected drama of sculpture in Kedewatan, Bali.

Dick Gentry, Richard Gentry, sculpture, faces
I am a life-long student, working at rewiring and evolving my receptors to gain richer experiences of possibility.

***Video with Alexandra Horowitz “looking” on a block in her neighborhood:

Photo credits: Dick Gentry

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