Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are you Happy

happiness, World Happiness Report, Denmark, Canada, Mexico
The World Happiness Report just came out with their world ratings.  Denmark was rated the happiest nation in the world for the second time! Northern European countries were in the top five.  The United States ranked the 17th happiest nation with our neighbors Canada # 6 and Mexico #16. The report is based on how people rate their overall satisfaction with life, and though “economic conditions" matter, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices and social support are important as well. The report says happiness should be an important indicator of a country’s progress and political leaders should pay more attention to this!

It appears as though the U.S. has more cars, TV’s, cell phones, guns, hamburger restaurants per-person, but it is not enough to help our happiness rankings.  

Dick Gentry, Marla Gentry, simple pleasures
I’m doing my part to help elevate the 2014 rankings for the U.S.! My plan is to concentrate on simple pleasures that elevate the spirit and with some luck and collective consciousness, possibly we can be up there with the really happy people!

milkshakes, children
Milkshakes make people happy!

babies, blood pressure, happiness
Something about babies make me smile, lower my blood pressure and raise my happiness quotient!

cycling, Dick Gentry
Countries that cycle a lot are very happy! I am totally on board with that!

floods, rainstorm, oral surgery, baby food
Though I get a little miffed when my office floods from a rainstorm or two, I try to look at the big picture perspective and keep on smiling!  Through all the recent storms and yesterday's skin graft and oral surgery (I'm eating what seems like baby food for the next week!) I'm still feeling really happy!

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