Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colorado Strong

Colorado, flood, Steve Beard, Mississippi, Hurricane Katrina
As Colorado’s devastating flood recedes, the extent of the damage in many areas is heartbreakingly apparent.  Through this tragedy we witness amazing stories of cooperation, heroism and perseverance. Friends and total strangers join hands to help. A Wesco Fabrics’ sales person, Steve Beard, energized his church in Jackson, Mississippi, to make donations.  People from gulf areas hit by Hurricane Katrina are coming to Colorado to help as they remember many from our state who once helped them in their time of need. It will take time to cleanup and rebuild, but we are definitely “Colorado Strong!”

Colorado, hugs, flood, support
Hugs of support.

Colorado, flood, family, cleanup
This cleanup is a family affair.

mailman, mail delivery, Colorado, flood
The intrepid mailman delivers his mail.

Colorado, flood
A raging torrent.

Estes Park, Colorado, flood, Trail Ridge Road
Estes Park floods and is nearly isolated due to washed out roads.  Some residents are driving over the 12,000' Trail Ridge Road.  Soon snows will close this route.

Colorado, flood damage
Heartbreaking damage.

Boulder, Colorado, flood
The neighborhood lends a hand.

safety personnel, Colorado, evacuation, flood
The evacuation effort continues.

safety personnel, Colorado, evacuation, flood
Safety personnel throughout the state have been amazing!

Estes Park, Boulder, Colorado cleanup, flood
A difficult job of cleaning up the mess!

washed out road, Boulder, Colorado, flood
Washed out roads near Boulder.

damaged road, Colorado, flood, rescue
A road to nowhere.

Colorado, cow, flood
A wet and lonely cow.

***If you are interested in helping click on this link:

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