Thursday, September 26, 2013

It is not over till it is over

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I’m not a sailing fan but I couldn’t help be impressed by the last, winner-takes-all race in the America’s Cup racing series in San Francisco Bay! Somehow my family’s seafaring genes did not get passed to me. My great-grandfather was a sea captain in the 19th century and my grandfather and dad built boats in the San Francisco Bay.  What really stood out for me was the almost unbelievable comeback win by Oracle Team USA over Emirates New Zealand when they were down with an 8-1 deficit! The Oracle boat finished the Kiwi’s with 8 straight wins. What an amazing metaphor for life! “It’s not over till it’s over!”

flood, hurricane, Oracle team, race
We all face setbacks, detours and roadblocks in our personal and business life.  There are floods and hurricanes, tough business cycles, and all sorts of issues big and small we must deal with.  When things don’t go our way we must look for solutions, not excuses, just like the Oracle team did when they were deeply on the losing side with what appeared to be no hope! They modified the boat and changed their tactics. They just didn’t “hope” for success. They actively pursued it by maximizing all the resources they could muster.

Oracle, Larry Ellison, sailing, America's Cup
Of course we don’t have the resources of Oracle’s Larry Ellison, but he didn’t become the nation’s third richest man by letting adversity roll them over! All of us can move beyond anything with determination, perseverance, creativity and the guts to stay on course with focused action.

sailing fans, Alcatraz, The Rock, Escape from Alcatraz, triathlon
Fans traveled to Alcatraz to view the race.  I get shivers every time I see “The Rock” as it reminds me of when I competed in the “Escape from Alcatraz’ triathlon years ago. I almost panicked in the cold water of the bay, but I kept going. I knew that I had to finish no matter what!

Larry Ellison, America's Cup, racing series
Larry Ellison is rumored to have spent $300 million on the racing series. 

racing fans, Oracle Team USA, America's Cup
Racing fans applauded the amazing triumph of Oracle Team USA.

Colorado floods, America's Cup
Good and great things can be achieved with time and supreme effort as in Colorado, roads and towns, along with lives will be rebuilt after the floods’ devastation. 

***For a taste of America’s Cup racing in beautiful San Francisco Bay:

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