Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Art of Hand Woven Fabrics

hand-woven silk, draperies, pattern matching, custom workroom
A customer complained this week because her workroom could not match the pattern of a hand-woven silk check. Some discrepancies can be remedied with hidden or eased seams. It is critical to know your client’s expectation and type of application when using hand-wovens. We advise the design trade about the special attributes of these incredibly beautiful and rustic fabrics in our catalog, sample books and website. Nothing can duplicate the unique character of a fabric produced on a hand loom by a weaving artisan.  Wesco Fabrics’ Henna Stripe and Henna Plaid, in color Aquamarine, are great examples of hand-woven fabrics.

silk fabric, hand weaving, Wesco Fabrics
Our pattern Break The Ice, color Silverstreak, displays delicious hand-weaving characteristics. The imperfectations are part of the intrinsic beauty of hand-wovens.

hand-woven textiles, Wesco Fabrics, silk
This is a colorful assortment of beautiful hand-woven textiles from the Wesco Fabrics’ collection of silks.

Frankfurt, Brussels, silk, India, Wesco Fabrics
I work with our silk suppliers to develop new products at textile markets in Frankfurt and Brussels.  There are millions of hand-weavers throughout India.

weaving, Bango Burma, Myanmar, yarn spinning, hand loom
I visited a weaving village in Bago Burma (Myanmar). Everything was done by hand including yarn spinning, dyeing and weaving by the entire family. The grandmother may weave for a while and then other family members take their turns through the day.

ikat weave, hand loom, Bali, Wesco Fabrics
This woman is doing an ikat weave on her hand loom in Bali.

Silk Museum, Suzhou, China, hand loom
The Silk Museum in Suzhou China contains a number of ancient hand looms that are still operational.

hand weaver, rug, loom, Wesco Fabrics
A hand-weaver works on pieces of a rug on his primitive loom.

Jim Thompson, Thailand, silk, fashion, home decor
Jim Thompson put Thai silks on the map for both fashion and the home. Be sure to look at the video link below.

Wesco Fabrics, custom workroom, tuxedo pleat, drapery, silk
The Wesco Fabrics’ Custom Workroom sewing artisans have over 67 years of experience. Our knowledge of silk is very important in fabricating beautiful treatments.  This unusual drapery panel is called a “Loose Tuxedo Pleat” and is made from Henna Stripe in color Aquamarine. Beautiful!

***Wonderful video on the life of Jim Thompson and Thai silk hand weaving! I am fascinated with his story and contribution to the textile industry. Marla and I have visited his Bangkok home numerous times and it always entrances!

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