Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Power and the Beauty of Nature

Broncos, Boulder, Chautauqua Park
There is nothing better than a hike on a beautiful and sunny fall day. The Broncos were playing a Denver home game, so I felt this would be a good day to go up to Boulder’s Chautauqua Park. The park was packed with hikers enjoying the crisp weather. Parts of Boulder and many towns north are slowly recuperating from the effects of terrible flooding.

trailhead, Boulder, flooding
As we headed up a trailhead we stopped to see the damage from torrents of water rushing down the mountain side. Uprooted trees and large boulders were everywhere!

Boulder, trees, rocks
There must have been a huge amount of rushing water to move rocks like this.

Flatirons, fall colors
Looking west toward the Flatirons the colors of fall were everywhere along with the route of the flooding. The boys and I talked about the dichotomy of nature’s power and fury alongside beauty.

Boulder valley
We left the valley and headed up the hill.

Boulder, fall colors
The views were wonderful. We stopped, took in big breaths and expressed gratitude for being alive right at this moment!

hike, cross country
The guys are running cross country and are in great shape! I really was huffing a bit to stay up with them!

flooding, Colorado, Boulder, Denver Broncos
I will not forget this day. Powerful images of flooding, incredible panoply of nature’s fall colors, and two brothers enjoying each other’s company was so enriching.

The Broncos won the game by the way!

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