Thursday, October 24, 2013

Working on a new line

Dick Gentry, Gentry Collection, fabric, textiles yarns
I just finished editing new fabrics for the Wesco Fabrics’ regular line and our higher-end “Gentry Collection” for spring 2014. Many of our collections are color coordinated, and I love what we are doing with the new color assortments. The buying process begins with sourcing great designs from domestic and international textile suppliers.  The fabrics must have a minimum of three year continuity so designers can still receive orders though their sample may be 3+ years old. This can be a problem if the mill closes out a pattern down the road or cannot get yarns for weaving a new order. We don’t have a crystal ball on what will sell, but our inventory control is quite good at keeping goods on the shelf.

fabric, fabric photographs, Wesco website
After the editing process the fabrics and deliveries are wired down, we order the goods from the mills.  Chad helps with the ordering and the follow-up.  He also photographs all the new fabrics for our website fabric search feature at

Lori Conway, sales representative, Wesco Fabrics, sample books, interior design
Our sample maker creates beautiful stack books which help the designer show her clients. Gorgeous interior design is created using sample books or memo samples from showrooms around the country carrying our line.

I am passionate about the selection process with our decorative fabric collections. I love what we have created, and I know you will as well when they premier in early spring 2014.

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