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creativity, fabric design, vintage posters, Andy Warhol, Chanel No. 5
What are your creative influences? I would love to hear from you.
All my buying decisions, whether fabric or home furnishings are formed by creative influencers. These are far reaching and include nature, travel, interior design, popular media and graphics.  Fabric design and vintage poster art may seem odd bedfellows but I cast my creative net far and wide hoping for a creative catch.
Andy Warhol’s “Chanel Number 5” posters are colorful and dramatic. He created 6 posters for Chanel perfume. The message appears simple, but the design has a big impact. The posters graced Paris boulevards in the 1990’s.

Goines poster, Wiener Werkstatte, Vienna
Goines 1973 poster for the restaurant Chez Panisse pays homage to the designs from the “Wiener Werkstatte” in Vienna and the “Jugenstil” Art Nouveau artists and designers. These groups created exciting new design from 1890 through early 1930.  I enjoyed dining at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse.

creativity, textiles, embroidery, posters
I’m working with a very creative textile mill for a collection of large scale embroideries for later in 2014. The poster was a color inspiration.

Veuve Amiot, Cappiello, vintage posters
A favorite poster is the 1922 “Veuve Amiot” by Cappiello which we sold many times in our Denver showroom in years past. Marla and I once visited Saumur’s Maison Veuve Amiot in the Loire Valley just because we loved the poster!

Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha, vintage posters
The curving Art Nouveau sensuality of Alphonse Mucha’s designs is wonderful! The poster was created in 1897 for a champagne company.

Bitter Secrestat, Robys, San Francisco, Star's Restaurant
“Bitter Secrestat” by Robys, is a very large horizontal poster created in 1935. I first saw it high on a wall in San Francisco’s Star’s restaurant and couldn’t keep my eyes off of it! Very dramatic design!

Spring 2014 fabric collection, weaving, color and design, Wesco Fabrics
I’ve finished all the editing and selection for our 2014 Spring Collections. The orders are in and the mills are weaving them. Look for exciting combinations of great color and design when they are launched in early spring!

***Looking forward to seeing your creative influences.

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