Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vision Is The Art Of Seeing Things Invisible

Laura Lee Clark, Harvard, Shelley Carson, interior design
Ever wonder where fabulous interior design creativity comes from? How do they choose such perfect fabrics, window covering, paint colors, wall coverings, and design a wonderful room? Is it a gift of an incredibly creative brain or is it something much more? At the recent “Society For Neuroscience” annual meeting the elusive topic of “creativity” was front and center. Experts in the world of brain science said that creativity doesn’t live in one single spot, and there is a “high level of cooperation between different parts, different systems of the brain so they orchestrate the process.” Harvard’s Shelley Carson says “The brain is a creativity machine. You just need to know how to manipulate your software to make it work for you.”

Lonny Magazine, creativity, interior design, Wesco Fabrics
Imagination is definitely the cornerstone of creativity, but memory is required to recognize when something is original.  Bold creativity is on display by this designer in choosing these room colors and it really works!

Shelley Carson, imagination, design, creativity
Shelley Carson offers ideas to boost creativity like exercising your imagination with “what if” games and juxtapositions, imaging some difference in the world.

photography, Zhang Jingna, interior design
“Give yourself time everyday to think, daydream and turn off the critical, self-censoring parts of your brain. Famous photographer Zhang Jingna perfectly images the daydream.

Anhata Joy Katkin, creativity, interior design, color
“Cultivate your ability to be in a dream-like state.”

Anhata Joy Katkin, design magazine, color, design, creativity
More creative epiphanies can evolve by getting enough sleep. Obviously some people are inherently more creative than others, but by “manipulating your brain software” who knows what is possible. Until I can tweak my brain to be more creative I will continue scanning design magazines and working the web for inspiration.

***If you love the art and creativity of photography, like I do, click on this YouTube video of the incredible fashion photographer, Zhang Jingna. Diana Vreeland would have loved her work!

Credit: Anahata Joy Katkin, Laura Lee Clark, Lonny Magazine, Antonio Damasio, Shelley Carson, Karen Weintraub USA Today

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