Friday, November 8, 2013

Walk on the Wild Side

Hawaii, Akaka Falls State Park, Hualalai volcano
We left the Big Island’s sunny and dry Kohala Coast, driving past rugged lava flows from a centuries old Hualalai volcanic eruption on our way to the green and wet Hilo side. We wanted to show the amazing Akaka Falls State Park to our grandsons. My brother Gary lives south of Hilo and joined us for our tour.

rain forest, ginger, hibiscus, Hawaii
rain forest, philodendron, plumeria, heliconia
The rainforest loop trail to the falls is very lush and indescribably verdant. The park’s rainforest is home to wonderful ginger, hibiscus, philodendron, fragrant plumeria, exotic heliconia, and beautiful anthuriams.

Akaka Falls, Hawaii, waterfall
We heard the sound of rushing water as we walked down the trail. All of a sudden the majesty of 420’ Akaka Falls was in front of us. Mesmerizing!

hiking, trail, Akaka Falls, Hawaii
orchids, Akaka Falls
I’ve hiked this trail a number of times in the past, but each trip brings something visually new and exciting!

Gary Gentry, Dick Gentry, jungle
After enjoying the park my brother took us to his house to see his “jungle.”

He grows lilikoi (passion fruit), guava, avocado, bananas, herbs, berries, and a multitude of other flowers and plants.

honeycomb ginger, flowers, fruit, Hawaii
I love his little Honeycomb Ginger.

wild orchids, Hawaii, Hilo
Wild orchids were growing everywhere! Locals often call them “weeds.”

Marla Gentry, banana tree, Hawaii
Marla loved his banana tree.

trumpet flower, Mandevilla vine, Hawaii
Very large trumpet shaped flowers were blooming on his Mandevilla vine.

sensitive plants, flowers, Hilo, Hawaii
The boys love the sensitive plants! They close up when you touch them.

orchids, Akaka Falls State Park, Hawaii
I wish my orchids would grow like this!

Hilo Homemade Ice Cream, poha berry, Hilo, Hawaii
After our botanical tours we were all ready for something cold! Hilo Homemade Ice Cream is a favorite of locals looking for unusual flavors. We had the Poha berry which was amazing! I hope you enjoyed our little Big Island tour.

***For a video tour of Akaka Falls State Park please click below.

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