Friday, December 13, 2013

2014 Fabric Color Trends

Showtime Textile Market, High Point, North Carolina, color trends
I traveled to the Showtime Textile Market in High Point, North Carolina with my son-in-law, Ray Decker. We crammed in 20 line presentations in two days. What started as a blur became more focused as we scanned the offerings from companies around the globe. The Showtime Market forecasters have developed 2014-2015 color trends which are colorful vibrant, and exciting!  I did not see Pantone’s color of the year, “Radiant Orchid”, at the market last week.

russet, red, color trends, Showtime
russet, red, color trends, Showtime, Wesco Fabrics
“Rich Russet” is a wonderfully rich red encompassing dark and passionate hues. It is both strong and luxurious.

blue, aquamarine, cobalt, color trends
Blues were in abundance everywhere at market! The blues ranged from beautiful aquamarines and mid-tones to “Cool Cobalt.”

coral, stripes, texture, print, color trends
“Captivating Coral” is a color theme with definite legs. Almost every supplier brought out corals in stripes, textures or prints.

gold, saffron, gray, charcoal, color theme, Showtime
gold, saffron, gray, charcoal
Golds coordinated with grays and charcoal is a very important color theme going forward. We’re seeing it at all ends of the market from high-end to mid-priced offerings.

spice tones, Showtime, color trends
Spice market colors will definitely be seen in all areas of home furnishings.

blue, peacock, gray, Wesco Fabrics
We love the new blues at market. It goes so well with the ever important gray tones!

It’s is going to be a COLORFUL world next year and beyond!

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