Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fabulous Party Tablescapes

fabric, Wesco Fabrics Outlet, table design
Fabulous tablescapes definitively make a party unique and special.  Great party table design begins with beautiful fabrics. The timing on our Wesco Fabrics online outlet sale couldn’t be better! With all sale fabrics at $8.00 per yard retail (and normal designer discount applies) fabulous tablescapes can be created very inexpensively!  The sale runs through December 13. With colorful fabrics, a little flourish with tableware, a special bibelot and some flowers, your memorable table design will be the highlight of the party! Click to take a peek:

silk fabric, Christmas, Wesco Fabrics Outlet sale
Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous table cloth! Our fabric, “All Dressed Up, color Redwood,” is 100% silk and originally sold for $134.98. On sale for $8.00 retail! The rich reds and golds would be perfect for the Christmas table or for New Years.

Sam Allen, Ikat, Lenox Hill, gala
Designer Sam Allen used a vibrantly colored ikat print for the table cloth at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala benefit.

diamond cut, holiday tablecloth, Wesco Fabrics Outlet
Our sale pattern, “Diamond Cut, color Red,” is a laser cut-out design. It would be a stunning Holiday tablecloth by itself or layered on top of a contrasting base color!

Eddie Ross, blue table, tablescape
Eddie Ross, red table, holiday
Designer Eddie Ross is a master at visual excitement! His tablescapes create festive energy and excitement!

Broadmoor, Wesco Fabrics, panne velvet, metallic print
Pattern, “Broadmoor, Cabernet,” is an exciting metallic printed panne velvet, on sale for only $8.00 retail! It would make a wow tablecloth!

Hutton Wilkinson, Tony Duquette, tableau
Designer Hutton Wilkinson, former business partner of legendary Tony Duquette, creates the most amazing tables! His tablescapes are a perfect visual tableau transporting a guest to a delicious exotic locale.

Wesco Fabrics vignette, metallic sheer, silk organza, orchids
I created this table vignette using yards of metallic sheers, silk organza, amethyst crystals, and beautiful orchids. I imagined a very romantic New Years dinner for two.

silk, gift wrap, chandelier
Another sale fabric at our outlet site is “Gift Wrap, color Golden Idol.” Originally selling for $125.98 retail, this 100% silk with metallic applique would be a stunning tablecloth.  Really? Only $8.00 retail!

black metallic sheers, tablescape, New Year, Dick Gentry
To add excitement for a New Years dinner I hung black metallic sheers for the chandelier. With the lights dimmed and the candles flickering, the room was filled with magic!

Hutton Wilkinson, tablescape art
Hutton Wilkinson creates a work of tablescape art.

Gwen Moss, winter, Christmas
Gwen Moss creates a winter wonderland for her Christmas dinner.

holiday party, Beaux Mondes Design, Russian river dacha
A beautiful holiday party by Julio from Beaux Mondes Design for their Russian River Dacha.

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