Friday, December 27, 2013

Reflections and Intentions

What an amazing year!

identical twins, Hawaii, Wesco Fabrics
Reflecting on 2013 my most exciting event was the birth of our beautiful identical twin girls, Lauren and Kate. The grandsons now share the limelight with these little beauties. In November we all ventured to the Big Island of Hawaii to celebrate two very big birthdays. It was fabulous to have 16 family members together! The Aloha spirit was in great abundance!

Dick Gentry, hiking, Marla Gentry, Akaka Falls, turtles, eels
Hiking with Marla, my brother Gary and the grandsons to Akaka Falls was such a thrill! I loved looking for turtles and eels with Owen.

Dick Gentry, Marla Gentry, Akaka Falls, Hawaii
decorative fabrics, Dick Gentry, Wesco Fabrics
2014 will usher in a concentrated focus on intentions, both personal and in business.  My creative milieu will include developing new decorative fabric collections for Wesco Fabrics. It will be an exciting time of sourcing, editing, layout and coordination. I will be searching for beautiful new products and innovative ways to ignite the interest of our customers.

Chiang Mai, market, bazaars, Marla Gentry
Chiang Mai, market, bazaars, Marla Gentry, furniture
Marla and I will be traveling to steamy markets, craftsman workshops, and exotic bazaars in 2014, in the hunt for furniture and accessories for our Denver showroom and warehouse. The process is often tiring, but the quest for finding new things is such a thrill and something we both relish!

cycling, Dick Gentry
I will be cycling on new roads of discovery in 2014, occasionally lost, but loving the adventure!

explore, Dick Gentry, Marla Gentry, foreign culture
The year ahead will bring new places to explore and experience. There is nothing better than immersion in a foreign culture and wandering down mysterious passageways, knowing at the end we will gain something indescribable and inspiring!

doors, Marrakech, Morocco, Thailand
I hope to open more doors of discovery and experience the wonder of life. Sometimes you don’t know which door to open as the unknown can be scary. I would support you to try one. Any one. You never know what lies ahead, but the seeker is never bored with the outcome.

Favorite website; (This is a favorite site for creatives of every persuasion.)
Favorite movies: American Hustle, Enough Said, Blue Jasmine. So many more to see!
Favorite towns and cities: Marrakech, Saint Guilhem Le Desert.
Favorite restaurant: Seven Hills in San Francisco, L’Auberge le 3 Barbus in Generargues, France.
Favorite wine: 2006 Castello di Amarosa Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 Divem at the winery in Montpeyroux.
Favorite book: The Goldfinch.
Favorite Sunset: On my deck with Marla.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year with new adventures and insight! May you connect all the dots of the past and from new experiences yet to happen for developing your most creative self. As Bill Moyer’s said, “creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous!”

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