Thursday, January 23, 2014

Favorite Stores Past Present

Gump's, Jade Room, Chinese antiques, department store
I would love to hear about your favorite stores from the past and the present. My love of great stores began at 7 years old when my mom took me to Gump’s in San Francisco. I remember their famous “Jade Room” and touching Chinese antique furniture when my grandmother wasn’t looking. Many of my favorite stores have become iconic institutions of shopping while others have faded into mercantile history.

Podesta & Baldocchi, San Francisco Bay, Grant Avenue, flower shop
During Christmas we would cross the bay and enjoy the lights and decorated windows around Union Square. Podesta and Baldocchi, founded in 1871, was a favorite destination! When it was on Grant Avenue, it was a wonderland of fabulous Christmas decorations! People lined up in the evenings to get in. The company still exists in San Francisco and is the oldest flower shop in the U.S.

City of Paris,San Francisco, earthquake, Neiman Marcus
City of Paris, San Francisco, earthquake
The “City of Paris” was a shopping institution in San Francisco. Opened in 1850, it survived the 1906 earthquake and the great depression only to close in 1971. I remember looking in awe at their giant Christmas tree in the rotunda as a young boy. After closing, there was a giant fight to save the structure only to lose out to the wrecking ball. The location is now a Neiman Marcus.

Wesco Fabrics, New York, Bloomingdale's, Madison Avenue, Upper East Side
I used to travel to New York City twice a year to source fabrics for Wesco Fabrics. After my calls I took time to explore the city, checking out the Village, the lower downtown antiques district, Madison Avenue luxury, the Upper East Side, admiring great stores and boutiques. Bloomingdale’s was a favorite! The side streets heading east from 3rd avenue contained wonderful little stores selling everything from Venetian glass to designer clothing.

New York, holiday windows, Bergdorf Goodman
New York’s Holiday store windows were always fabulous! I loved looking at Bergdorf Goodman!

San Francisco, Marla Gentry, Narumi, Japanese antiques, Fillmore Street, tansu
On every trip to San Francisco Marla and I visited our favorite suppliers for Japanese antiques to source products for our showroom. Narumi on Fillmore Street is a little jewel box selling tansu chests and wonderful samurai dolls.

San Francisco, Fillmore Street, Union Street, boutiques, design
San Francisco, Fillmore Street, Union Street, style and design
We love strolling on San Francisco’s Fillmore and Union Streets, window shopping great boutiques. There is an amazing amount of style and design energy on those beautiful blocks!

cabinet of curiosities, Creel & Gow, New York City, eccentric decorative offering
If there was ever a “cabinet of curiosities”, it is probably “Creel and Gow” in New York City. Their eccentric decorative offerings are amazing!

Macy's Flower Show, San Francisco
The Macy’s Flower Show is an annual event not to be missed! I loved it as a child. I remember the delicious floral aromas and amazing decorations.  The event in San Francisco this year is March 23 to April 6.

Mecox, home furnishings, Southhampton, New York
Mecox, table, New York
If I had to pick my very favorite home furnishing store in the entire United States, it would have to be Mecox! Originally started in Southampton, New York, they now have their unique emporium of style in 8 locations.

Wesco Fabrics, Denver Design District, fabric, furniture
Wesco Fabrics, accessories, jewelry, crystal table lamp, Denver
We are very proud of our Wesco Fabrics’ showroom at the Denver Design District showcasing our distinctive decorative fabrics, designer window coverings and custom hardware.  We feature unique furniture and accessories from around the world, including jewelry. I love our new crystal table lamps on acrylic bases!

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