Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Source

The Source, art gallery, coffee, Denver, wine shop
Where do you find an artisanal bakery, a butcher, wine shop, an art Gallery, a coffee roaster, a cool bar, and fine restaurants, in a fabulous 130 year old building? All of this and more is found at “The Source”, a totally cool dining and shopping experience in Denver’s RINO (River North Neighborhood) on Brighton Boulevard. The developers repurposed a former foundry from the 1880’s and converted it into a place where foodies, beer geeks and hipsteresque life forms can feel at home.  Architecture firm, Barker Rinker Seacat, created an exciting space combining the new and the past.

Boxcar Coffee, Denver, Colorado
The industrial modern design and signage designates each business in the central market area.

Acorn, restaurant, Oak at Fourteenth,Boulder, Colorado
Our office and warehouse at Wesco Fabrics is only 15 minutes away so Marla and I had to check it out.  Acorn, owned by one of Boulder’s best, “Oak at Fourteenth” restaurant, was wonderful! I love the old graffiti left on the walls.

Marla Gentry, Acorn
Marla was very impressed with the whole vibe!

Acorn, restaurant, Denver, Colorado, The Source
The Acorn at lunch.

Babette's Artisan Bakery, The Source, bread, Denver, Colorado, Paris
The rustic giant loaves of bread at Babette’s Artisan Bakery reminded me of the best boulangeries in Paris!

butcher, Meatheads, The Source
You can watch the expert butcher through glass windows at “Meatheads.”

Mondo Market, The Source, produce, Denver
We bought unusual lettuces at “Mondo Market.”

gallery, Super Ordinary, accessories, graphics, The Source
The gallery “Super Ordinary” showcases a well edited assortment of decorative accessories and graphics.

Comida, Mexican restaurant, Denver
Comida is right there in the forefront of Denver’s up-scale Mexican restaurants.

Camida, Mexican restaurant, fresh limeade, The Source
The plate says it all and it tasted amazing! I washed it down with freshly made limeade. “Yum!”

***On your next visit to the Wesco Fabrics’ Forest Street warehouse and showroom in Denver we should all drop by “The Source” afterwards!

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