Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Love Letter for My Valentine

college roommate, date, Marla, Delta Gamma
My college roommate said I should ask this girl on a date. I was really hesitant but said I would call her. The first time I saw Marla in the Delta Gamma house it was if a lightning bolt hit me, and it hasn’t changed since.  I may gush when I think of her, but as a saying goes “It’s not bragging if you say you are ‘The Greatest’…when you ARE!”

beauty, brains, heart, Marla Gentry
She has an explosive mix of beauty, brains and a kind heart I find irresistible.

Lisa Decker, Stacy Mullikin, Marla Gentry, mother
She is a great mom and friend.

Logan Decker, Marla Gentry, Paxton Decker, grandmother
Dick Gentry, Owen Mullikin, Vaughan Mullikin, Marla Gentry grandmother
Kate Mullican, Marla Gentry, grandmother
Marla is the consummate grandmother, imparting love and wisdom to her boys and little ladies.

Boulder, Colorado, Ed Parent, Marla Gentry
Her laugh is infectious and her smile unparalleled.  I wonder what Ed Parent, a designer from Boulder, said to Marla. It was obviously very funny.

Ogoh ogoh
Beijing, China, adventure
She seizes the moment with her sense of adventure and curiosity!

Bail, foreign markets, workshops, Southeast Asia
Thailand, Indonesia, warehouse, Marla Gentry, Wesco Fabrics
We travel together seeking products for our company in dark and dirty warehouses, dusty markets and humid workshops in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

Wesco Fabrics, Harry and Jolene Weiss
I am amazed at how hard she works managing Wesco Fabrics, like her parents before her!

snow, Denver, shoveling, Wesco Fabrics
When a job needs to be done she is always ready to help.

Valentine's Day, love, Wesco Fabarics
Thank you for joining me on this visual journey about someone I love!

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