Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fresh Bread and a Fresh Look at the Face of Passion

bread, Babettes Bakery, Steve Scott, passion, Paris
I love bread! I’ve been known to drive an hour just to find that perfect loaf. When I found “Babettes” bakery at Denver’s “Source” I knew I found nirvana! Westword Magazine featured a great article on Babettes owner Steve Scott.  Scott, a former pro bike racer, has worked at perfecting his version of the perfect loaf at bakeries from California to Florida. While at cooking school in San Francisco he read an article on the famous Poilane Boulangerie in Paris.  He said “there was a picture of this guy…a baker standing in front of a giant brick oven who looked like hell…and that sealed the deal for me.” “He had that look of passion…that look of never compromising on his face, that only years in the business puts on you.” Steve knew right then he had to become a bread baker. 
The “look of passion” is such a uniquely strong image and can be seen everywhere.  It might be the racer at the starting gate at the Soichi Olympics, an artist visualizing a project, a top level sales person working with a client, an interior designer working with color chips, or my wife going over paperwork at Wesco Fabrics.  I took my camera around the company this morning, capturing that special “look.”

swag valance, Rob Roy, custom workroom
Perfection has many looks, but I see it here as Miro carefully works on a huge 176” swag valance. The fabric, “Rob Roy, color Caramel”, is a great choice for this elegant treatment.

artisan hands, roman shade, Wesco Fabrics, custom workroom
Artisan hands work on a roman shade.

fabric, custom drapery, Energetic, Wesco Fabrics
Widths of fabric are carefully cut and inspected prior to being sewn for a custom drapery treatment. The pattern, “Energetic, color Metal”, is a favorite of mine and is an exclusive for the United States.

tacking pleats, drapery panel, Wesco Fabrics, custom workroom
The look of concentration when tacking pleats for a drapery panel.

drapery fabric, drapery inspection, custom workroom, Wesco Fabrics
Working on thousands of dollars of drapery fabrics for a project means getting it right, from the cutting to the final inspection.

pleated valance, expert custom workroom, Wesco Fabrics
Special pleated valances require expert hands.

Ray Decker, face of passion, fabric, Soichi Olympics
Ray shows his “face of passion” as he works with a client in our fabric warehouse.

NBC will focus their cameras on many “Faces of Passion” at the Olympics in the next weeks. You will find me watching the games with a slice of rustic artisan bread made the way it was done centuries ago from Babbettes Bakery. “Yumm!”

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