Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shopping Around The Globe

Galaries Lafayette, Paris, shopping
Earlier in the month I posted a blog on my favorite stores around the U.S. This week I will broaden the scope and take you on a journey to stores I love around the globe. There is that certain something when you visit these very unique bastions of commerce which literally sing with creativity. I love Galeries Lafayette in Paris with their beautiful glass dome and art nouveau staircases.

Harrods Tea Room, scones, Marla Gentry
Harrods is probably the most visited department store anywhere in the world. Their merchandise range is mesmerizing! I fondly remember having tea with Marla in their Tea Room.  It was so much fun to just relax and sample the delicious little sandwiches and treats. Love their scones!

Rome, Italy, Tad, boutique, Via Margutta
Rome, Paris, London, boutique, Tad, Via del Babuino
Rome, like Paris and London, has great little boutiques that visually draw you in. Strolling on the Via del Babuino and the tiny Via Margutta you find little treasures like the totally unique “Tad.” At “Tad” one can spot the latest Roman fashions, buy flowers or furniture, read a book or have tea. Home furnishing stores on the street display high Italian design with a wonderful blending of the new and the past.

jade, Beijing, antique market
If jade is your passion there is no better place than the frenetic Beijing antique market. There is a loud buzz as hundreds of buyers and sellers dicker over prices.  Collectors sit on tiny plastic stools going over specimens with their magnifying glasses. Really fun to watch!

Chiant Mai, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, antiques, betel nut
Chiang Mai, Thailand is an important center of antique trade from locations like Burma, Laos and Cambodia.  I am particularly fond of Burmese Buddha sculptures and silver betel nut containers. Marla is checking out one of our suppliers as they bring out treasures of the past.

Paul Ropp, boutique, American fashion, Wesco Fabrics
On one of our Wesco Fabrics’ incentive trips we took customers to visit a Paul Ropp boutique. Paul Ropp is an American fashion designer creating clothes for those LOVING color!

Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Paris, antique gallery
Cities like Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Paris have incredible antique galleries. I love spending hours just looking around the merchandise. This is my nirvana!

shopping, Paris, the 6th
Paris, the 6th, quirky boutiques
Paris, the 6th, eccentric boutique
Everyone has their favorite Paris arrondissement for shopping. For me there is nothing better than the streets and alleyways in the 6th. I love the colorfully quirky and eccentric boutiques with merchandise like a cabinet of curiosities.

***Video of the “Tad Concept Store” in Rome.

***Great Paul Ropp fashion video!

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