Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fabric Favorites

Wesco Fabrics, Dick Gentry, fabric

Top Shelf, Primo, fabric, Wesco Fabrics

As the buyer for Wesco Fabrics I’m often asked, “Dick, what are your favorite fabrics?” I have my all-time very favorite patterns as well as fabrics of the moment I feel very attracted to. It’s like the shirts in my closet. I often say to myself, “Why did I buy THAT!” I’ll share some of my favorites from recent Wesco Fabrics sample collections.  “Primo, color Meringue” from our “Top Shelf” collection, is a pattern I love!

Mix & Match, animal motif, African safari

African safari, animal prints, Wesco Fabrics

Animal motifs are very strong in the fashion arena. “African Safari, color Taupe” from our “Mix and Match” has a cool sophistication.

skillset, purple, custom drapery

Road to Success, Wesco Fabrics, luxury fabric

“Skillset, color Purple” from “Road To Success” is strikingly luxurious! We just finished a custom drapery out of the fabric today!

blue, green, Luxe Life

Luxe Life, blue, green

“Luxe Life” is one of our recent Gentry Collection sample books. The pattern assortment and colorations is beautifully edited. Love the blues and greens!

turquoise, ikat style, jacquard

turquoise, ikat

“Vespucci, color Turquoise” from our “Explorations” book is a dramatic ikat-styled jacquard.

prints, woven fabric, Asian

prints, woven, Mandaley

Our “Best of the Best” collection combines incredible prints and wovens. “Intoxicating, color Reggae” is an elegant velvet applique on a silk shantung basecloth.

Top Notch, turquoise, prints, woven

prints, woven

Mandalay, prints, woven fabric

prints, woven, Wesco Fabrics

The “Top Notch” collection contains a vast array of superb fabrics. It’s hard to pick a favorite but “Finer Things Turquoise”, “Asian Gardens Summer” and “Mandalay Crystal” definitely call out to me!

taupe, perpendicular, stripe

taupe, stripe, shape it up

The raised woven stripe on “Perpendicular Taupe” is very nice! It’s from our “Shape It Up” collection.

prints, stripes, perpendicular, Wesco Fabrics

novelty sheer, woven, slate, medal of honor

Wesco Fabrics is known for beautiful novelty sheers. “Medal of Honor, color Slate” is a jacquard woven sheer clip construction from our “Point of View” collection.

I would love to hear about your favorite patterns from Wesco Fabrics favorites!

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