Thursday, June 5, 2014

Family Reunion Anticipation

Family reunions are very special events, and we have one coming soon. It will be wonderful to have everyone together,  to savor the moment, and to lock in cherished memories.  The house is getting last minute sprucing up and child-proofing is underway as the twins are just 13 months old and will be all over the place! 

Stacy’s family is coming from Dallas.

Lisa’s family lives close by.

My 94 year old mother will fly in from the Bay Area.

The girls will really need to be watched as I’m sure they will be happily into stuff!

The boys will be making milkshakes to celebrate! “Save some for Papa!”

We’ll have to orchestrate more conversation and interaction,…and less “technology.”  “Anyone for Scrabble?”

There is something so very special about watching twins play and hearing their “twinspeak.”

This will be a great time to build memories for a lifetime!

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