Friday, September 19, 2014

From This to This

unique, furniture, accessories, Wesco Fabrics, Bali

furniture, accessories, Bali, Wesco Fabrics

The process of creating  beautiful and unique furniture and accessories is often a mystery to most designers.  Marla is shown at a furniture factory in Bali which looks more like the aftermath of a hurricane than a showroom.  We found some great tables and benches in this chaos and shipped them to our warehouse in Denver to sell to our customers. We love how the tables and consoles look once we opened our container!

slab table, Bali, Wesco Fabrics, Suar Wood

slab table, Bali, Wesco Fabrics, Suar Wood

We hunted for raw-edge slab tables in small workshops in the Bali Highlands. The hard work paid off as the finished tables really look great. They are now in our warehouse and Denver Design District showroom.  These are made from Suar Wood.

Dick Gentry, lamps, wood floor lamp, halogen

Dick Gentry, lamps, wood floor lamp

I spent a lot of time in Northern Thailand looking for interesting pieces of old wood to make lamps out of.  We made some very cool floor lamps using old wood and halogen bases for up-lighting.

Marla Gentry, Buddha altar, Burma, Chiang Mai, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Marla Gentry, Buddha altar, Burma, Chiang Mai, Victoria and Albert Museaum, Lonton, Doris Duke

Marla and I found this old 19th century Burmese Buddha pavilion in an old Chiang Mai house. It was very similar to one we saw at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, as well as in the Doris Duke collection of South-East Asian Art. We had to have it. We are selling the Buddha pavilion and the 19th Buddha separately. Please contact me at if you would like more information.

Wesco Fabrics website, furniture and accessories, warehouse sale

Wesco Fabrics warehouse sale, furniture, accesssories

Our furniture and accessories are now available for viewing on our website.  Simply go to and click on “Furniture.” A dropdown menu will give you options to look at. All prices are retail with usual trade discount applicable.

***Our largest warehouse sale ever is next month at our 4001 Forest Street location in Denver:

Designers Only -- Wednesday, October 8, from 8 to 4:30 
Designers and Public -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 4:30 daily

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