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Marla Gentry, Paris

Conde Nast Traveler just came out with their “Readers Choice Awards 2014.” I love to share my own travel experiences so created “Dick Gentry’s 2014 List” of travel favorites.  I’m obviously not an expert but Tripadvisor advised that 39,950 have read my reviews.  Let me begin with my favorite cities:
      1. Paris 2. San Francisco 3. Bangkok 4. Rome 5. Prague

Bali, Buernsey, Sark

We all have our favorite islands, but for me, Bali remains my very favorite!
      1. Bali 2. Big Island, Hawaii 3. Guernsey 4. Sark 5. Corsica 6. Capri 7. Hvar

Balinese New Year

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is the change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Miriam Beard
These are my most transformative visual experiences while traveling:
      1. Nyepi, the Balinese New Year. 2. Myanmar 3. Temples of Angkor 4. Morocco 5. Hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara in Kenya.

There is nothing so personal as a hotel experience. It is the unique mix of staff, ambience and style, location, the softness of the towels and the smell of the soap. My favorite hotels, like everything on my favorites list is in flux.
      1. Hotel Buca di Bacco, Positano (A jewel box in a sublime location.)  2.Komaneka at Tanggayuda, Bali (A boutique gem with oodles of style & amazing staff.)  3. Royal Pita Maha, Kedewatan Bali (The views brought Marla to tears. Their “Healing pool” was transformative!)  4. Peninsula Bangkok (A WOW on many levels!)  5. Ritz Carlton Marina Bay Singapore (The Club Level staff, great views, and food offerings always amaze!)

Le Crocodile, France, Le Parac, Reims

I love fine dining, but the amount of Michelin stars doesn’t always put a restaurant on my list.
      1. Le Crocodile in Strasbourg, France was fabulous!  2. Le Parc in Domaine les Crayeres in Reims, France 3. Chevre D’Or in Eze, France  4. Boulevard in San Francisco 5. Fattoria La Striscia in Arezzo, Italy

La Tour d'Argent, La Fontelina, Capri

A fabulous lunch is just as important as great dinner memories.
      1. La Tour d’Argent in Paris remains my favorite. So classic & polished, with a wine list like a Manhattan phone book. The customer list of Presidents, Kings, Celebrities, and dictators is fascinating!  2.  La Fontelina, Capri (The most wonderful location with views of the Faraglioni Rocks and Russian oligarch’s mega-yachts.)  3. Chateau Eza in Eze, France.  4. Da Ferdinando on Fornillo Beach in Positano, Italy. 5. Cavallo Point in Sausalito

Positano, Marrakech

My favorite list of towns and villages is long, but I will share a few with you.
      1. Positano clings to the sides of cliffs and spills down to the sea in such an entrancing fashion. 2. Marrakech Morocco 3. Ubud, Bali  4. Lac Annecy Town, France 5. Villefranche sur Mer, France

wine, Andre Clouet

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to food.” W.C. Fields

I could easily wallpaper my entire home with wine labels. This is a hard list to create, but I’ll give it a go.
      1. Andre Clouet Brut Millesime is the drink for lovers no matter what time of the day!  2. Solaia  3. Ornellaia 4. Camus Cabernet Sauvignon  5. Omaggio by Seghesio


I will definitely drive or walk miles for wonderful pastries.
      1. Gerard Mulot in Paris is at the top of the game when it comes to pastries. I remember a visit when it was impossible to get in the door!  2. La Baguette de Normandy in Parker, Colorado. 3. Gateaux in Denver


Marla and I love sunsets more than almost anything! Apart from the fabulous sunsets we enjoy in Denver I will list some very special places where the sunsets are often unbelieveably fabulous.
      1. Krabi, Thailand 2. Seminyak, Bali 3. Maui & the Big island


Most of my favorite museums are lifetime pursuits to be repeatedly experienced and cherished.
      1. The Louvre in Paris  2. The Metropolitan in New York  3. Prado in Madrid  4.  Hermitage in St. Petersburg  5. Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

cycling, mountains

Every cyclist has their iconic routes of bliss and challenge. Here are mine:
       1. L’Alpe D’Huez in France. I’ve cycled this brute 3 times and love the agony and the history of the climb! 2. The Galibier in France 3. The Summit County bike trail up to Vail pass in Colorado 4. In Bali with Marla  5. Coastal Tuscany


Ah…bread! I love a great crusty loaf from artisans of the dough and oven.
      1. Babette’s in Denver  2. City Bakery Café Denver  3. Breadworks in Boulder


My favorite garden in 2014 is my brother’s back yard on the Big Island!

Wesco Fabrics, Dick Gentry

My list of my favorite decorative fabrics and window coverings is an easy choice.  Wesco Fabrics!

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  1. That was a delightful blog post Dick! Thank you for taking me on a wonderful tour to some of your favorite places and experiences around the world!