Thursday, November 20, 2014

In Love With Fabrics


I am in love with fabrics, especially with the fantastic mix of coordinated beauties in Wesco Fabrics’ newest “Gentry Collection”, “World Bazaar”.  Each color range features deliciously harmonizing wovens and prints which work exceedingly perfect by themselves, and even more grand when grouped together.  We searched around the globe to find great fabrics for designers to use on custom draperies, shades, top treatments, bedding and pillows. In 2 words…“Love it!”


This delightful grouping features an Ikat print, Alamogordo, color Aegean. It is mixed with Covent Garden , Chartreuse, a wild animal jacquard, On the Spot, Citron, and Santorini in Palm and Capri. All are multipurpose.


The wonderful paisley print is Waterscape, color Mist, on a soft combed cotton. It is teamed with Capilano, Blue Jay and Crystal.


The textured cotton print features an Impressionistic-styled water color design. It is coordinated with a multi-colored texture, Capilano, Crystal.


The dramatic and colorful combed cotton print is an updated riff on a French interpretation of a Japanese motif.  The perfect blend is created by adding Capilano, Delft, and Copenhagen, Sailor. Blues continue their hot streak!


Alamogordo, color Moroccan, is an intensely colored Ikat print in warm orange-red-gold colorations. Capilano, Jewel is a match made in heaven.


The decorative partnering of Covent Garden, color Peacock, with the luscious paisley print, Budapest , Peacock, is beautiful.


Marla is in the sample department checking out our fabulous exclusive embroidered design, Maldives, color Tropics.


This coordinated grouping shouts “Passion!” We begin with Covent Garden, Raspberry, Radio Waves, Raspberry, and the dramatic Alamogordo, color Coral.

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