Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Queen Bee

Marla’s mom passed on New Year’s Eve at age 94. Joline Weiss and her husband, Harry, founded Weiss Venetian Blinds in 1946, just after World War II to fulfill the needs of new housing. The name was eventually changed to Wesco Fabrics, Inc. Their dream and vision to build a national wholesale decorative fabric and window covering company became a reality with much hard work and continues to thrive today. Joline had amazing drive and focus and was a legend in the industry.  The image above shows Joline at her beautiful Capiz Shell desk on 4001 Forest Street in Denver. Her husband Harry aptly called her the “Queen Bee.”

When Joline first went to New York City to buy fabrics there were few woman buyers. It was definitely a “Men’s Club” and she had to be tough and focused to succeed. She gained a reputation of having a unique eye for what would sell. I heard stories that some competitors would ask to see “what Joline was buying” at the New York Market. Joline is pictured in her office at our building on 4000 Forest, across from our present headquarters.

Joline was one-of-kind, proud and passionate, amazingly generous, strong-willed….and driven to succeed. We thank her for her achievements and amazing legacy. Marla and I are honored to continue the dream Joline and Harry first had over 70 years ago!

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