Friday, February 6, 2015

Crystal Palace

Marla and I, with our daughter, Stacy, traveled to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, one of the largest shows of its kind in the world. We hunted for minerals and crystals from sources as far as India, Mozambique and the Belgium Congo to use for table lamps and accessories to sell in our Wesco Fabrics’ showroom in the Denver Design District. Stacy was sourcing for her jewelry company, “Lauren Kate Design”, and for “Lauren Kate Home.”


Stacy and Marla checked out large agate slabs. The show is beyond mind-boggling, with sellers and buyers from around the world. We worked 9am-7pm, non-stop, for 3 solid days and only saw about 15% of the whole show. It is dazzling, crazy, diverse and lots of fun for creatives of every stripe!



A number of suppliers from Brazil and Mexico featured gigantic mineral specimens on steel display stands.  I wanted to buy this piece, but Marla said I would need to sell my car first!


We loved this gigantic 3' wide amethyst cocktail table with a glass top!


We have a pair of Druzy Quartz table lamps in our Denver Design District showroom.


The intense purple of this amethyst crystal lamp is fabulous.


Our showroom has a selection of gorgeous accessories made from crystals on acrylic bases.

***For information on our crystal table lamps and crystal accessories contact our showroom at the Denver Design District.
      595 South Broadway #104, Denver, Co. 303-777-5524, 800-955-9372

***For information on Wesco Fabrics:
303-388-4101, 800-950-9372

***Information for Stacy’s jewelry collections:


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