Friday, February 27, 2015

Elements of Beautiful Drapery Design

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The art of beautiful drapery design is a marriage of color, style and function. I love looking at old lithographs of window coverings. I found this image of a curtain with rings on a rod from an 8th century English illuminated manuscript. Designers are using the same treatment today. As it was once said, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  Custom drapery hardware is a major emphasis at Wesco Fabrics so let’s take a look at designs through the ages from grand elegance to modern simplicity.

Napoleon, Naples

Napoleon created a palace in Naples for his sister in 1811.  The style may seem over-the-top but I have seen interior designers doing designs like this even today!

The Finial Company

This is a great mid-century modern look with Finial Company hardware.

The Finial Company, crystal finial

This twisted wood rod with crystal finial by The Finial Company is perfect for traditional styled rooms.

modern, The Finial Company

Many designers love modern treatments like this Finial Company metal rod.

The Finial Company, custom steel hardware

The Finial Company makes custom steel curved rods for specialty windows with a template.

Paris Texas Hardware

Paris Texas Hardware features both traditional elegant designs and contemporary styles. Designers also love their “Quick Ship” program!

Paris Texas Hardware, Luxe

This is Paris Texas new “Luxe” drapery rod.

Urban Decors

Our new line of custom hardware is from Urban Decors. They are producing designs which are totally modern with high functionality.

Urban Decors, Loft

This is Urban Decors’ clean, modern “Loft” traverse rod with 2.5” maple fascia board.

Urban Decors, Elements 1.5

Urban Decors marries wood with chromed steel in their “Elements 1.5” collection.  Love this clean look!

Finial Company, Ourdoor

The Finial Company’s “Outdoor Hardware Collection” offers designs able to withstand the elements.

All of our drapery hardware can be ordered online at  We also have fabulous sample displays in our showroom at the Denver Design District.

Our great customer service team is available to answer your questions or place orders: 800-950-9372, or the showroom 303-777-5524 or 800-955-9372.

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