Friday, February 20, 2015

The Excitement of a New Line

Dick Gentry, Kathy Greaser

The sample book mock-ups for our new Spring decorative fabric line have just arrived for approval.  Kathy and I are taking a sneak peek! They look beautiful! It is an exciting time because so much work has gone into the process.

We begin with sourcing fabrics from global suppliers at textile trade fairs, textile mills, converters and importers. The moment a fabric sample arrives we begin the editing process. Sometimes colors, repeats, contents and softness must be reworked. It is usually a “Yea, nay, or hmmmm.… maybe.” We decide what kind of a collection it will go in, such as a Gentry Collection book, color-coordinated books, or other sample formats. Will it coordinate with other fabrics or be a stand-alone pattern? Lots of questions arise. And then.…how many yards do we order and what kind of delivery? Should it ship ocean or air freight?

Once the selection is wired down we work on swatch rotations and placement in a sample book. All the specifications on widths, repeat sizes, fiber contents and durability ratings must be known.

The sample maker will begin shipping our new Spring collections at the end of March. I know you will LOVE them!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you & Marla have come up with Dick! Excited for the new Spring 2015 Collection to come out.