Friday, March 20, 2015

A Boy and His 9 Year Old Adventure

A few years ago I came up with the idea to take our grandkids to San Francisco and visit my mom when they turned 9. Last week it was Vaughan’s turn. Marla and I packed a crazy amount of fun and educational sights and activities into a 4 night trip. We had a ball! We began the adventure with a visit the majestic Muir Woods National Monument. The weather was perfect and the redwoods were inspiring!

We had our obligatory group shot with a beautiful redwood. Vaughan shows Gigi, his great-grandmother, shots he took with his IPad.

The Muir Beach Overlook is a wonderful spot for a picnic with fantastic views of the coastline.  Vaughan was intrigued with the World War II Army observation posts.

Marla wrapped him in a tablecloth after the water became too tempting at Muir Beach.

The Lawrence Hall of Science in the hills above the University of California in Berkeley is a fabulous spot for kids to learn about science and for the adults to enjoy the fantastic view of the San Francisco Bay!

We all need refueling so a stop at “Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers” on college Avenue in Oakland. This is the area I grew up in as a boy.

We hosted a dinner with 22 Bay Area relatives so they could meet Vaughan. He loved it and felt very proud so many people would come to see him!

Chinatown was on Vaughan’s “must see” list.

Riding a cable car was number two on the list, and it was a blast!

The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park has been a family favorite since I was young. Vaughan passed on tea, but he loved the arched bridge.

“Sears Fine Food” on Powell Street is famous for their dollar size Swedish pancakes. Vaughan’s plate was clean in about 5 minutes!

It was time to say “goodbye” to Gigi. The “9 year old trip” was so much fun! I don’t know who enjoyed the adventure more, Vaughan or Marla and I. I better start some serious training as we have 3 more grandkids to go for their trip.

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