Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Will Drive You To Your Village

Frank Langfitt, China

Driving to the office this morning I listened to NPR Radio’s “Streets of Shanghai”, a fascinating segment by Frank Langfitt, their China correspondent.  Frank once drove a cab for a summer job and the experience gave him the idea to drive people around to hear their stories.  He drove an attorney from Shanghai to visit his family in their rural village.  This must have been the first time a “foreigner” had visited their village as Frank had his picture taken 30 times with various villagers.

NPR, Shanghai, China

The NPR story reminded me of our experience while on a trip to China. We took the train from ultra-modern Shanghai to a small village outside of Hangzhou where one of our Wesco Fabrics’ suppliers had a factory. We went for lunch in a local restaurant where it seemed half the town came to gawk at us.

Suzhou, China

I took this picture of a small home on a canal in Suzhou. Towns like this are seeing more foreigners today, but people still look a little surprised to see you.

Suzhou, China

Old Suzhou homes by a canal, a far cry from the mega-story monstrosities found in many Chinese cities today!

Shanghai, China

Most of Shanghai is extremely modern with new giant skyscrapers arriving every year!

Shanghai, China

This was the view outside our hotel room in the Pudong area of Shanghai. Seems almost futuristic doesn’t it? We definitely prefer the ever vanishing small towns of China.

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