Thursday, March 5, 2015

Interior Renderings

interior renderings, Jane Gianarelli

In decades past it was very common for top level interior designers to use artists to create painted renderings of their projects. The paintings helped clients envision the look and style of the finished look. With the advent of interior design software, hand drawn renderings became almost obsolete. I am seeing more of it again. The image above is beautifully created by Washington D.C. artist and interior designer, Jane Gianarelli.  She does great work for other designers as well as on her own projects.

Jane Gianarelli

Jane works on a dining room rendering.

Michelle Morelan

Michelle Morelan is another artistic talent creating renderings for her design projects and for others.  This is for a very stylish dining room.

Michelle Morelan

A work in process by Michelle for a living room design.

Nick Santorno, New York City

Speaking of interior renderings, I still remember seeing stacks of interior renderings for past clients that New York City designer Nate Santorno kept on his work table like works of art. At a dinner party at his penthouse apartment, he gave a unique gift for each couple. I still cherish a tiny 18th century French wall plaque we received.

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