Thursday, April 16, 2015

Working With Your Wife

I’ve heard people say you would have to be “nuts” to work with your wife. For me I would have to be “crazy” not to! The journey can be amazingly enriching and transformative if you just give it a try. To get to this place took a whole lot of hard work from both of us. Naturally, along the way there were moments of frustration and occasional hurt feelings, but when I put aside ego and focused on the mission it just started to click.  Today we are on the same path toward progress at Wesco Fabrics, utilizing our personal talents synergistically.  Join me to find out why she is so special.

Marla rolls up her sleeves to get a project finished, no matter how difficult.  She mentors and works to help our employees achieve their best.

She may not always love the limelight, but when she is in it she shines!

Marla will go wherever it takes to help find products for our company. We were on vacation in China when she says “let’s take a train and look at some fabric mills in Hangzhou.”

When it comes to business she is indefatigable! She always wants to do more even when I am totally ready to “call it a day.”

She is always ready for the next adventure!

I love how she interacts with people around the world and loves to find exciting new things to sell at Wesco Fabrics!

She loves to teach and share experiences as a hostess on many trips with our customers in many exotic locales.

She is always curious and interested!

We try to follow the same route as Marla’s parents, Joline and Harry. Those are very big shoes to fill as they were amazingly talented and hard working. I hope they are feeling proud of us as we strive to fulfill their legacy.

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