Friday, May 22, 2015

No Rain No Rainbows

May, snow, Seattle, Kauai

I can’t believe how everyone is complaining about the weather this week in Denver. One guy at my athletic club was comparing our weather to Seattle! To be honest we have received a lot of May snow, and it has rained a bunch lately! It has made a few people a little depressed as they want our normal sunshine back! We usually average over 300 days of sunshine a year. Even when it is a bit gloomy I try to look at the bright side of things! On a trip long ago to Kauai I remember seeing something written on the wall of a bar that I take to heart; “No Rain, No Rainbows.” How true that is! Don’t you think?

snow, Denver

Even on a snowy early morning last week the sunrise was still glorious!

People are still skiing in late May! Arapahoe Basin received over a foot of snow this week and the place is supposedly crowded with enthusiasts squeezing in some end of the season runs. Bad weather is always good for somebody, somewhere! Our lawn is green as can be with all the rain and our trees are very happy.

Dick and Marla Gentry, Hilo, Hawaii, orchids

I find a lot about dealing with weather is attitude! My brother lives in the wettest city in the U.S., Hilo, Hawaii. It rains almost every day, benefitting all the tropical plants. Instead of getting down about it, he just opens his eyes to the amazing beauty around him and soaks in the joy. And you should see his orchids! Even on cloudy days there is a wonderful world to experience and savor.

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